We are all made of star stuff.

by When I Lay My Vengeance Upon You

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released January 30, 2015

When I Lay My Vengeance Upon You is:

Draven Stedman - all synthesizers, growled vocals, spoken word on tracks 15 and 16, samples, drum programming
Josh Feala - spoken word, screamed vocals, good vibes, voodoo priest

all music and lyrics written by Draven Stedman and Josh Feala

recorded at various locations in Onalaska, WI and La Crosse, WI from December 29, 2014 to January 30th, 2015.
engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Draven Stedman and Josh Feala.

cover art by Jason James Robertson


released by Noisecunt Brutality.


dedicated to:

the warehouse
steve harm
the root note
andrew revels [r.i.p.]
matthew bahls [r.i.p.]



all rights reserved


When I Lay My Vengeance Upon You La Crosse, Wisconsin


JAN 01 2015
MAY 26 2015

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Alone.
I have some money to spend
and I thought you would like that
So I left all my friends and kept my eyes
straight ahead

There will only be a vivid memory of me in a conscious human’s eyes for a short time

so at the most please keep me in mind

I’ve only been in your mind so long that you won’t remember me after this

I’m a wandering casket in a broken home
and I need someone to fill it
I just wanted someone to be alone with.

I’m okay with you using me because at the most I am with you
I’m okay
Track Name: Always.
You’re alright, in my head.
because time will never tell that you’ve change
So just lean on me and kiss me

I will not even bother to reject
so please don’t go

wrap your stretchy leather arms around me
Track Name: Suck macaque (this one's for Andy)
Track Name: Homes.
Your heart is made of plaster and my
home is made of you

and I wish I was your clothes
so I could hang off your body
I wish I could be your shoes because you look down at them like if you're looking into my eyes
Lace me around your feet and drag me around like a lifeless body
so I can be the one that picks you off your feet

So the plan is settled
I’m burning down my home and
starting new
I’m just a kid with too much lonely space
Track Name: I shot blanks at my stepfather's chest.
Sometimes when we are born we are intended to fail
play the character you were given

someone like you is a failure at birth
so take your
unfiltered breath and tie your noose with it

you pathetic cunt, kill yourself
Track Name: Formless and void.
Track Name: We are all made of star stuff.
Track Name: We are all made of star stuff (coda).
Track Name: Happy holidays from the Satanic temple.
Track Name: Ancient everythings.
my skin and yours are borders
where stories lie sleeping
curled up like cats in oblivion
afternoons of our mating is what is left
of these shrines are just grimy pacing

Saturns rings on my bathtub
of nine lives this time
this time I sit
my mind in this brine

I have worn my skin
as wrinkled as your
ancient hide.
Track Name: Stallionlike behaviour.
the first memory was a white
blindness a braille of salt that water leaves
behind like a wayward lover making a trail of tell-tale deserts
in his path a slow burning writes scrolls on your cheeks, a garland
of tiny skulls holds this dark ocean you crossed

to become this flower
Track Name: Eulogy for a broken planet.
Track Name: Natural twenty.
Track Name: Echoes.
I can still hear the sound of your voice
Ancient “I love you”s echoing out, reverberating against my walls
Ringing against the sides of my head
There’s nothing I want more than you to be next to me
That’s all I need

I get too attached
You know this
I just don’t want to get hurt again
It’s happened twice before
Fuck that, never again.

It’s better to just not try at all
To just sit in my pit of crushing, crippling, loneliness
As the isolation eats away at the very fibre of my being
As your voice echoing in my head slowly kills me.

You are everything to me.
I am nothing to you.
I think I can finally accept that.
Track Name: A reflection.
Let this voice ring out in your head.
You are more than you think.
You are always worth something.
When you’re feeling shitty, know that I’m here for you.
My door is always open. My ears are always listening.
You will survive.